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Healthy Meals PH, a restaurant in Torre de Vennezia, Quezon City, is positioning itself as the dining spot offering healthy and sugar-free buffet selections...

October 11, 2019

Cesar Cruz Jr.

Business Mirror | September 19, 2019

Gimme some of that good stuff!

Healthy Meals PH provides Metro diners a healthy and sugar free buffet alternative.

AS Christmas tunes hit the airwaves, you know it is the season once again when people would soon dine out more often than usual to meet up with loved ones and their different circles of friends, as well.

With the overwhelming selections of dining establishments one can try out, how can a restaurant make itself stand out for the crowd? Lifestyle coach and restaurateur Rad Pelayo is well aware that a high number of stroke cases has been recorded during the Christmas season due to people’s overindulgence in fatty and oily food choices.

In this regard, his brainchild, Healthy Meals PH, a four-month- old restaurant in Torre de Vennezia, Quezon City, is pulling out all the stops to position itself as the dining spot offering healthy and sugar-free buffet selections.

During weekends, Healthy Meals PH, lays out a delightful spread of healthy and tasty treats in a space that coexists with a spa. The eye-catching multilayered buffet spread makes use of overhead rattan lamps and hanging baskets, with the burlap table cloth adding a nice touch. The modest set up exudes a picnic-in-a -garden kind of vibe.

Star of the show

THE star dish of this buffet is the oven-baked, Chicken Hardinera which is kind of meatloaf specialty originating in the Quezon province.

It has a mildly sweet taste one won’t easily get tired of and has a texture that can even go well with toasted bread. More poultry options come in the form of the chicken-crusted Keto Pizza and the Chicken Tacos garnished with lettuce, cucumber, and salsa. (Just think of pizzas and tacos getting a lean and mean nutrition makeover!)

The comforting taste of classic dishes are represented as well, with dishes, such as the Pata Tim sweetened with pineapple and slow- cooked tender Beef Caldereta served with pita bread. These two hit the spot every time.

For crunchy veggie delights, have a bite of Cucumber Boats and Vegan Wraps. Coincidence or not, the colors of Christmas shines bright with the Red Basil Pasta and the Green Pesto Pasta both of which are cooked al dente.

The desserts here are not a guilty pleasure. How can it be when its Choco Cupcakes are made with muscovado and its oatmeal cookies are baked with stevia? Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? “It’s a treat, not a cheat,” goes the buffet’s clever tagline.

After you have your fill of the good stuff, wash it all down with unlimited servings of refreshing ice- cold ginger-turmeric drink.

The weekend buffet, priced at P499, is made more enticing with its 3-plus-1 promo.

There is also a buffet and massage tie up for P749 per head that comes with unlimited coffee, sugar- free drinks, sugar-free cookies and cupcakes. A 5-plus-1 promo is being offered for the month of September.

A One-Stop-Shop

HEALTHY Meals PH is a lifestyle brand that goes beyond its buffet on weekends and a la carte offerings on weekday. In fact, it doubles as a store for locally produced organic products, such as premium condiments like vinegar, soy sauce, fish sauce and more-all as part of an advocacy of the restaurant to help farmers.

“During rainy season in Pagbilao, Quezon, there is a livelihood program that encourages farmers to make vegan bagoong and vinegar. We want to help farmers all year round, not just for their fresh produce but also for the end product of what they make. Mushrooms, for example, you don’t need it all the time, but they [the farmers] can make mushroom chips which you can sell all year round,” the lifestyle guru shares. Rad Pelayo prides himself in being a son of a farmer. The advocacy is a way of paying tribute to his roots and also as a way of giving back.

As an offshoot of this advocacy, he is able to give customers healthy and economical alternatives to its international and expensive counterparts.

In addition to being a store, Healthy Meals PH is also into packaged meal delivery even before the restaurant opened. “It is an alternative to cooking or ordering fast food. Lone condo-dweller, child with no baon, or you are just a health buff. It cuts across all lifestyle. When you are sick, the more you need to eat healthy meals,” the restaurateur said.

“Skinny meals is for sedentary lifestyle [for people with no exercise]- still complete and balanced meals. For active lifestyle, the gym goers, there is the high protein, low carbs meals, And keto meals- high in good fat, high in protein, and no carbs. There is a preparation leading to eating keto meals, which means you are already on no carbs diet. If you want to lose weight fast, go for keto. Vegan meals are available in the store menu, not for delivery, he added.

Indeed, with Healthy Meals PH, eating healthier meals has become a lot easier. Whether for delivery or dine-in, one is always assured of feeding himself/ herself of only the things that make a difference-the good stuff.

Cesar Cruz Jr.

Author Profile

Cesar studied communication arts at the University of Santo Tomas. He writes articles in the Lifestyle Section of Business Mirror as a lifestyle writer. He manages Pancit Malabon, his own restaurant at Banawe St.

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