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Philippine cuisine is what we present to many Filipino foodies (as well as foreigners) who have taken to Filipino food just for the sheer love of it. To a world that takes to Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and even Korean foods, Filipino cuisine has been tagged as the ‘next big thing’ to look out for.

Dining in the Philippines is almost always accompanied by a variety of dips on the table. Filipinos love sauces of all kinds. They seem to find a reason to plunge any food on a favorite dip.

The best part of Philippine cuisine is the traditional “salo-salo” or sharing food with friends, guests and strangers alike. Let’s eat!


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Philippine Cuisine to the World

Philippine food has a rich heritage of Malay, Indonesian, Spanish, Chinese and American influences. The Filipinos have a knack for combining flavours and making the most of any and all ingredients at their disposal. What results is simply delicious.

What will displace our love for adobo (pork and chicken dish), sinigang (sour soup), pansit (noodle dish) and minatamis (sweets). Filipinos take pride in their food’s sumptuous, savory flavors. Their cuisine possess a profile that no other cuisine has, no matter how sophisticated. Our aim is to bring Filipino cuisine to the forefront that other Asian cuisines have attained.

It’s a dream for many a Filipino foodie.

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Reggie Borromeo

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Gabe Borromeo

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Cesar Cruz Jr.

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Mark Mendoza

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