Entering the Age of Stoned Steaks



Nothing quite satisfies a man’s appetite like a huge chunk of good ‘ol steak cooked to one’s preferred level of done-ness...

October 30, 2019

Cesar Cruz Jr.

Business Mirror | December 6, 2018

“Nothing quite satisfies a man’s appetite like a huge chunk of good ‘ol steak cooked to one’s preferred level of doneness.”

For hardcore carnivores, steaks are top contender for the ultimate comfort food.
Throw in a party of side dishes and sauces and complete the entourage to this VIP protein dish.

When you absolutely have to give in to your steak craving, it is good to know that there is a steakhouse that does not disappoint. Stoned Steaks steakhouse, a 30-seater dining spot at 55 Scout Rallos in Quezon City, has been carving a name for itself for almost a year now with the reverence it shows toward handling its high-quality steaks. Without doubt, it is the place to impress a date, celebrate life’s victories and splurge on the good stuff.

How many steakhouses do you know that has its own dry-aging machine for its Angus and Wagyu steaks? Dry aging makes the meat more flavorful and thereby taste better due to the evaporated moisture from the muscle. As a result, weight is lost the longer this kind of beef is aged. To understand dry aging, think of the funky characteristic that time imparts to charcuterie and blue cheese. For a dry- aged steak newbie, start with the 28 day steak. For long time steak lovers, try the 45-day dry-aged steak.

Not all steaks here, though, are dry aged. A regular Wagyu, which is known for its tenderness, and likewise—a rib eye Angus, which has a reputation for flavor—can be had in various levels of marbling, as well. Thus, the higher the grade, the higher quality the steak is accorded with.

While top-notch steak quality is already a given, its lineup of exciting promos can certainly rival the irresistible aroma of steak fat turning into vapor. If quantity to you is as important as quality, visit Stoned Steaks from Monday to Wednesday and avail yourself of its unlimited steak promo. On Thursdays, slash 50 percent off Wagyu steaks. On the weekends, cut 40 percent off on all dry aged steaks.

Moreover, a huge fun factor one gets from dining at Stoned Steaks is the fact that the steaks are served on a lava-rock plate. It cooks in front of you in all its sizzling glory. The crucial part diners should pay attention to is the right moment to take off your steak from the 350 degree Celsius hot plate, as it cooks fast. You don’t want all the steak juices to go up in smoke!


The steak place has done away with trimmings associated with your grand daddy’s steakhouse. In fact, it marches to its own beat as its ambience exudes a fresh and clean vibe with the use of marble tops, Tolix chairs, black hanging light fixtures and a faux grass-covered accent wall with the word ‘Stoned’ across it. It has that Big Apple feel that millennials resonate with. Nevertheless, the service one gets here is akin to fine dining—thanks to its well-trained, well-mannered staff.

On a lighter note, staring at the accent wall gave this writer the crazy assumption that Stoned Steaks come from “grass-fed” cows. After all, this is a steak “joint.”

With a commitment to high standards in handling its premium steaks, served on a hot plate that cooks in front you, in a modern setting, coupled with inviting promos and polished service, what more could a steak lover ask for? It is an open invitation to indulge in the good stuff and be deliriously satisfied as one enters the age of Stoned Steaks.

Cesar Cruz Jr.

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Cesar studied communication arts at the University of Santo Tomas. He writes articles in the Lifestyle Section of Business Mirror as a lifestyle writer. He manages Pancit Malabon, his own restaurant at Banawe St.

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