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A unique culinary concept from the pioneering Cravings Group.

March 27, 2020

Gabrielle R. Borromeo

The Daily Tribune | July 06, 2014

Epicurious, a unique culinary concept from the pioneering Cravings Group, is not just a gourmet place to dine, but also a mini-grocery of rare food finds, fresh produce, cooking ingredients, kitchenware and packed goods. It has a deli with a wide variety of wine, cheese, cold cuts, chilled meat and fresh greens; a bakery that serves freshly baked bread, pastries and desserts; a culinary studio for cooking demos; and a café all under one roof.

Epicurious has a relaxing vibe because of the garden style interiors. One may shop and dine at leisure, have their shopped goods cooked on the spot or take them home if in a rush.

The pulled pork arugula pizza.

The cold kani, cucumber pizza.

We tried their cold kani, cucumber pizza and pulled pork arugula pizza. The pizzas weren’t the regular circle-shaped kind, but came in the shape of a stretched oval. The crust was crisp with a slight moistness and the toppings were abundant. Beside the pizza was a tray of cheeses, cold cuts and dried fruits to offset the saltiness and whet one’s appetite all the more.

The wooden tray of cold cuts.

Epicurious also served their tender slow roast US Angus belly with au jus and mustard, confit of garlic and tomato sardine and red onion chutney that looked mouthwatering and tasted savory. There was also the Lemonata Rack of Lamb served with corn and pimiento polenta cakes, french beans amandine, tomato chutney and mint jelly.

The tender slow roast US Angus belly.

For the drink, I was served bottled Moringa Cucumber Lemonada. It was very refreshing as the flavor of the cucumber stood out. It quenched my thirst, but at the same time made me want more of its taste and healthy elements.

My favorite dish was the mushroom in truffle oil ravioli. It was so good I had to keep coming back for more since each bowl only had one ravioli in it. The mushroom sauce really complemented the ravioli perfectly. I could hear other diners who also had a share of this dish rave about it. This dish was the best; I would forget any diet that existed for this? that’s how much I loved it.

Gabrielle Borromeo

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