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Sheraton Manila welcomes September, the first Philippine Sustainable Month, by initiating a healthy spin on its comfort food...

October 11, 2019

Cesar Cruz Jr.

Business Mirror | October 3, 2019

Sheraton Manila

In line with Marriott International Serve 360 Initiative, which guides all hotel in operating responsibly as they become global, Sheraton Manila welcomes September, the first Philippine Sustainable Month, by initiating a healthy spin on its comfort food.

So what makes the plant-based offerings of Sheraton Manila special? Taste, of course! Thanks to its team of seasoned chefs, the plant-based dishes they offer shows just how palate-pleasing these health treats can be.

“We want to eliminate the stigma that healthy eating, or vegetables, are dull. So we go back to basics, switching meat on well-loved foods to plant-based but still with the same enticing flavors,” Executive Chef Kiko Santiago says.

A plant-based diet, as backed up by medical research, is responsible for a host of health-related benefits. Among the positive attributes one can reap from such a way of eating include reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, mental deterioration and even keeping at bay certain types of cancers.

The drive toward healthy food offering of the five-star hotel, which runs until end of October 2019, is offered in its a la carte menu in their S Kitchen and in-room dining. Start off the healthy culinary journey with a most nutrient-dense crunchy kale salad served with plant-based longganisa mixed in the tomato salsa. Soothing sips of plant-based siningang is just perfect for the rainy days. A bite of their Western dishes, such as its mini Tacos and mini Wrap will have you convinced that the taste of plant-based food can indeed excite the tastebuds.

You need not wait for Tuesday for a taste of this Mexican treat. On the other hand, pasta lover will be delighted over its spaghetti bolognese with dairy-free daiya cheese. Local dishes, such as Pansit Bihon and embutido are given a healthy take as well. Craving for a dish with a bit of heat? The plant-based version of the Indonesian dish, Beef Rendang, served with dried chilli peppers, will not disappoint. End on a sweet note with the Stevia cheesecake. Weight watcher will rejoice over this zero calorie dessert- sweetener. Another hit dessert is the vegan brownies with popcorn which is flourless, eggless and dairy-free.

In an effort to reach more people with the healthy dishes, Sheraton Manila made sure there are wallet-friendly and served in good-sized portions. Starters go for P360 and main entrées range from P640 to P690 only.

Going all out, food sustainability trickled down to invade its cocktail selections at the hotel’s The Lounge, as well. The earth-friendly practice the bartenders observe ensures that there is more of the nature’s bounty to go around. Different kinds of citrus peel, for example, are infused with Arc Lava Rock Vodka that lends a whole new flavor dimension to the liquor. Likewise, instead of discarding a grape stem, see how creativity transforms it into a cocktail’s focal point. The eye catching collection of sustainable cocktails are priced from P495 to P575. Grab a hold of Flower Child , Live Green Go, Just Add Water and more, until October 12, 2019.

A Fruitful Partnership With Nurture Farmacy

The sustainable dining concept, which sources its produce in a vegetable farm, has positive impact on the environment, as oppose to the by products that is associated with animal farming. Sheraton Manila has gone the extra mile with the launch of their 300-sq m farm (for their vegetables and herb requirements) in Tagaytay. The move was made possible with the alignment of values it had with its partner, Nurture Farmacy—a wellness, cultural and farm destination in Tagaytay. The said partner, built on three pillars, resonates well with Sheraton Manila.

First, it is proudly Filipino as it embraces our unique cultural practices and traditions. Second, it upholds health by way of wellness intervention through food. Third, it encourages inclusive growth. Its team comes from the barangay where they are given opportunities for career growth. The collaboration of the two companies promotes awareness to sustainability among its guests via day tours and farm visits.

“We believe this is just the start of the many things we can still build on, in relation to sustainability. We plan to create more projects to support the talent and produce here in Nurture Farmacy and bring them to our luxury platform in our hotel,” General Manager Anna Liza Vergara beamed with joy. Indeed, eating plant-based food has its rewards. It is not only good for one’s health, but also compliments the environment and the community where these nutritious ingredients are being farmed.

Savor these plant-based offers from September 15, until the end of October. For information or reservations, please call (632) 902-1800.

Cesar Cruz Jr.

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