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What better way to end a meal than with a coffee, some pastries and a dessert? At the upper ground floor of Shangri-La Plaza’s East Wing lies a range of choices...

March 30, 2020

Gabrielle R. Borromeo

The Daily Tribune | July 06, 2014

UCC Park Café | BreadTalk | Krispy Kreme | Gelatissimo | Cupcakes by Sonja

UCC Park Café is a Japanese coffee shop known for its coffees that are freshly brewed using a siphon coffee maker. Here, one can also order familiar Asian fusion dishes like pasta, sandwiches and main courses to satisfy their appetite.

At the event, UCC made the veggie garden pizza toast, kani mango salad and the chili garlic chicken spaghetti available for the guests to try. Their version of the pizza was in a thick toasted bread topped with sliced tomatoes, green and red peppers, mushrooms, pineapples, corn bits and cheese. The chili garlic chicken spaghetti was spicy, and had toppings of mushrooms, chicken strips and garlic. The kani mango salad for me was simple but a winner, assembled with lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, nuts, crab sticks, boiled eggs, mangoes and fish eggs. Eaten together they were refreshing.

UCC’s veggie garden pizza toast

For bread and pastry lovers, BreadTalk is also a Singaporean brand that focuses on baked gourmet goods. Try their pizza sticks, cheese floss, Rocky Rocky Milk and Beckham n’ Cheese. Since BreadTalk is famous for its pork floss line of bread, their newest cheese floss is worth a try. Just like the other floss, it has delicious cream inside its soft savory sweet bun and topped with pork floss. The taste of cheese is evident in every bite.

But, of course, one cannot forget to grab desserts from Krispy Kreme, Gelatissimo and Cupcakes by Sonja. These three establishments represent main desserts like donuts, gelato and cupcakes, respectively.

At Krispy Kreme, one can opt for soft and fluffy cloud-like donuts with flavors of their choice. Krispy Kreme has always been a rave ever since it came to the Philippines and is still irresistible. They also serve coffee, fresh squeezed juices and Baked Creations that have a Filipino twist to it.

The bright red gelato parlor famously known as Gelatissimo serves authentic gelato that is freshly made from a secret family recipe. They have a spectrum of luscious flavors and every single time I enter this gelato parlor, it takes me at least five to 10 minutes to pick a flavor. Though it takes time to choose, having a lot of options is an upside. Gelatissimo has never failed to impress me with every flavor I choose every time I visit.

Cupcakes by Sonja is one of the top cupcake boutiques in the city and trying for the first time their Red Velvet Vixen, I had no doubt why they were at the top. This cupcake was shining bright red and the first bite I took widened my eyes. It was made with Belgian cocoa topped with cream cheese icing, and being a dessert lover and a sweet tooth at the same time, the sweetness captivated.

Cupcakes by Sonja is owned by Sonja Ocampo, who makes sure that whatever is served in her store is the top of the line. She not only pays attention to the looks, which she perfects through tender loving care in the piping of the icing, but also focuses on the moistness of her cakes and most of all the taste.

I saw this cake at the event, it was adorable. I think it was called The Clown Cake.

This is the slice of The Clown Cake, inside is a rainbow cake!

Great food finds that cater to a gamut of tastes and cravings are located at the upper ground floor of Shangri-La Plaza’s East Wing.

Shangri-La Plaza is located at the corner of Edsa and Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City.

Gabrielle Borromeo

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