Old Fashioned Goodness

Old Fashioned Goodness

Gabrielle R. Borromeo

The Daily Tribune | November 10, 2015

Fresh milk, premium cocoa and minimal amount of natural sugar are the only ingredients of Cocio, a Danish chocolate milk that recently arrived in the Philippines. Cocio was developed in 1951 in the home kitchen of couple Anker and Ella Pallesen in Esbjerg, Denmark and, to date, it still uses the same recipe.

Milk, especially chocolate flavored, is a well-loved beverage in the country, and many Filipino mothers make sure that it is part of the nutritious diet their children get. It is about time Cocio made it to this country to make a healthier change in the lives of Filipinos.

“We know that Filipinos will love Cocio because not only is it delicious, it’s also made from natural ingredients — that are perfect for those trying to adopt a healthier and more wholesome diet,” explains Jens Christian Krog, senior general manager of Arla Philippines, Cocio’s supplier for fresh cow’s milk. “Cocio satisfies the sweet tooth without any additives or false promises. It’s the kind of beverage that Filipinos will surely love.”

This Danish chocolate milk brand prides itself for using only fresh cow’s milk from Arla Foods, which is known as the world’s largest multi-national dairy cooperative owned by over 14,000 farmers and one of the oldest in Europe. The cocoa is from West Africa and is UTZ-Certified, which benefits farmers when more cocoa is consumed. On the other hand, the plain sugar is from established sugar suppliers. Cocio is also free from stabilizers and preservatives, which explains the sediments you see at the bottom.

The launch of Cocio in the Philippines took place in Whitespace, Makati. It marked the first time that Cocio classic will be sold in the Asia Pacific region, and the first time Cocio Dark will ever be launched.

Local Cocio distributor is Fly Ace Corp., a food and beverage consumer goods company whose commitment is towards great taste and responsible ethical production.

“I was impressed with Cocio’s meticulous processes when I visited their office in Copenhagen. Every step involved — from choosing ingredient suppliers to advertising the product — stayed true to their core values,” said Fly Ace president Jun Cochanco. “Cocio is undoubtedly the best chocolate drink in the market, and we think it’s about time we shared it with the country.”

Following the immense success of Cocio in their native Denmark, the brand was then introduced to their Scandinavian neighbors — Sweden and Norway. In more recent years, Cocio has also branched out to other European countries and to the USA.

Cocio, the straightforward cocoa drink, is available in all major convenient stores and supermarkets nationwide.

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