An Extraordinary Cheese and Charcuterie Buffet

An Extraordinary Cheese and Charcuterie Buffet

Cesar Cruz Jr.

Business Mirror | July 26, 2018

“Discerning palates will be in for a royal treat… as they partake of an amazing Cheese and Charcuterie Buffet for only P1800 net per person.”

Discerning palates will be in for a royal treat when they visit Alfred at Makati Diamond Residences every Friday from 6 to 9 p.m., from July 27 to September 28 as they partake of an amazing Cheese and Charcuterie Buffet for only P1800 net per person.

The well-thought of grazing menu selection is made impressive with its shaved-on-the-spot Jamon Serrano and mouth-watering scrapings of melted Raclette cheese (with boiled potatoes, bagel crisps, cocktail onions and cornichons). Dishes that pack a wallop are offered in the form of Tender Slow-Cooked US Beef Belly and Pinakbet Paella with Crispy Bagnet (served like thick-cut bacon strips).

Supporting the four star dishes of the buffet are starters consisting of Gouda, Manchego, Caprese Skewers, Chicken Lollipop in Honey Sriracha and Sweet Mustard Flavor, Prawn Kataifi with Salted Egg, Spicy Jalapeño Poppers, Ham and Cheese Croquettes, Emetaler Tart, Pate en Croute and Baba Ghanoush. Finish it off with Rhubarb Tart and some homemade ice cream.

Even frequent diners will be thrilled with its rotating selection of cold cuts, cheese and appetizers (to complement the four mainstay dishes) for a different flavor and texture contrast with every Friday visit.

Go the classic route by pairing tasty cheesy-bites and savory-nibbles with unlimited glasses of red and white wine, local beers, sodas, chilled juices and its own Diamond Iced Tea. TWG Tea and Toby’s Estate Coffee can be had, as well.

For those with an adventurous spirit, explore the wonderful world of gin and tonic concoctions (inclusive in the buffet price ) with six different brands—Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, JJ Whitley Elderflower, Beefeater, and local libations like Sirena and Premium Gin. Gin cocktails are beautifully garnished with herbs and spices that will accentuate the flavor profile of the gin. Or opt to kick the good times a notch higher with an order of a bottle of Champagne Jean Vessel for an additional P1,800.

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Cesar Cruz Jr.

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